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DGN3500 ADSL Mode


I have had the DGN3500 and have had a fair experience with this router. I have recently changed ISP and I was wondering what ADSL connection mode the router is connecting with.

I previously owned a DG834G and was able to get a detailed stats page through telnet which I know it is not supported. I was wondering if the DGN3500 has similar, I did find another post about this but the command showed a lot of n/a entries.

The reason I ask is that the supplied router from my ISP has the options to change the connection method used and the connection switches between ADSL2 and ADSL2+ and with my long line neither works to well, my previous ISP had me on G.DMT. Hence my reason for asking as I can't seeing anything in the admin menus to show this.

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Re: DGN3500 ADSL Mode

G.DMT is also known as ADSL.

This router will support ADSL, ADSL2 & ADSL2+.

You will need to get the settings from your ISP as they vary between each supplier.
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