DGND3300 Dropping wireless


DGND3300 Dropping wireless

Hi, I've seen a lot of threads about similar issues but no one seems to have had my exact issue. If anyone knows of a thread like this that I've missed, do let me know 🙂

I have a DGND3300v2 which I've had for the past 6 months or so, absolutely no problems until about 3 days ago when the wireless suddenly dropped. Since then, the wireless drops all the time. Wired connections are unaffected, but wireless ones get thrown off at a seemingly random rate until the unit is restarted. After that point it'll last a little while before happening again. Sometimes the connection will last minutes, sometimes hours, but once it's dropped, you can't reconnect until the unit's been restarted.

At the point when it drops, there's nothing at all in the logs - the last things it says are that it received a request from a certain MAC address for connection. I've had a look at what happens after that point, and the SSID appears for a few seconds at a time then disappears, reappears, disappears...etc. Attempting to connect at that point gets you one of 2 responses: either the connecting computer willl sit and wait for a while then say the connection was unsuccessful or it'll tell you the WPA key is incorrect (it isn't).

Things I've tried:

- Changing channel, have tried all channels with the same results
- Changing encryption types
- Moving the unit to another room (now tried every room in my house)
- Turning off the firewall
- Upgrading the firmware (on at the moment, which is the latest)
- Changing to and from 2.4GHz/5GHz mode
- Changing the ADSL filter/phone socket
- Changing DNS settings on affected computers
- Changing MTU
- Changing the wireless fragmentation threshold
- Changing the CTS/RTS threshold
- Changing the preamble type
- Different computers

I should note that my actual internet connection is not affected in any way, it's just the wireless. The wireless lights (depending on 2.4/5GHz modes) on the front of the router are on at all times.

Here's the other thing: this keeps happening to me. This is now my fourth unit after three previous ones (2 Netgear - a WRT854G and DGN2000 - and a Linksys) were affected by the exact same problem. It all works fine for months before the wireless just keeps dropping for no reason.

Is there anything else I can do, or do I (as I am beginning to suspect) live in an area that has too much RF interference - and if this is the case how have the units worked for a while before stopping?

Thanks for any advice.
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

I imagine nothing is wrong with the wired ports since all mention seem to point to wireless only.

Sounds like the wireless on the router may be failing.

How do you normally position your router - vertically (if possible) or horizontally? My own router (WNDR3400) stands vertically as it seems to help with heat dissipation. Even so, I still find that it's a bit too hot - I may have to innovate with some sort of fan/cooling pad later on. Does your router feel more than moderately warm? You will have to use some personal judgement here. Excessive heat can lead to premature failure of electronic components.

If your PCs are capable of 5Ghz and you have tried that then it unlikely that interference is the cause since 5Ghz is less prone to noise.

About other networks nearby that may cause problems - Instead of just "suspecting" why not scan for nearby networks with inSSIDer instead. You can download it from:
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

I have checked using Netstumbler and there are a few networks nearby but I have changed channels many times with no difference 😞

Regarding 5Ghz, I only have one device that supports that at the moment so it's not really a possibility to switch to that permanently - would be nice though!
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

What about whether the router is vertical or horizontal? What about whether the router seems overly hot? I've seen a thread some time aback where one poster actually changed capacitors (that were over-heated) in his (her?) router to get it working again. On another thread, I've seen where a poster rigged a fan setup to help cool his router. Not saying that the same is happening to you, but it could.

Based on you saying that this is your 4th router, and each would work for some goodish months before trouble sets in, you should consider hardware failure from some cause, whether heat, cheapo components, or whatever.

I'd say tho that it sounds like the wireless in the router is failing.

5Ghz can have serious problems with range and obstructions - just be aware of that before going all out that way! 😉
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

Sorry, I hit reply on my last post too soon... 😮

The router is vertical and has been all its life. My previous routers, which all suffered similar issues, were alternated between horizontal and vertical but with this one I put it in a different place where it didn't fit horizontally.

When the wireless drops, the unit doesn't feel overly hot, not any different to usual anyway... I don't know if heat is anything to do with it, because sometimes I've left it switched off all night then turned it on in the morning only for the wireless to drop pretty much immediately. I will have a go at pointing a fan at it and see if that helps though, didn't think to do that.

It has been just fine during the past 24 hours (with all normal settings and in its usual place), so I'm not sure if whatever interference there was has subsided or whether the possibly failing wireless is working ok today, but it is nice not to have it drop all the time 🙂
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

I can understand what frustration it can be. You seemed to have tried just about everything tho, and I'm all out of ideas - sorry. 😞
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Mars Mug

Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

Depending on the proximity of neighbours, interfering signals could come from their houses. Strong interference sources with high data throughput are, video senders, baby monitors, wireless video cameras (analogue not WiFi), and some wireless phones. Most of these pass audio/video and are designed to operate over a long range so that they can operate well through walls or between floors, some have ranges of 100 metres or more line of sight. So, if you don’t have any of these things in your house, and your next door neighbours are close, you could ask them.
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

Question... when you say your wireless drops, do you mean your device loses connection to the routers' wireless network? Or do you mean you lose internet access? The reason I'm asking is I've just started experiencing something similar...

I have a WNDR3700 v1. It's been working great. I wanted to user Readyshare and in the process of getting it to work, I updated to the latest firmware posted this month. Now, though my wireless devices stay conneted with strong signals (on both 5 and 2.4), they lose internet access. My wired computer doesn't have a problem. If I wait a few minutes, sometimes internet comes back to the wireless, but usually it will flake out again soon. So I just reboot the router. This has happened every day, several times a day since I upgraded to the latest firmware/added the readyshare hard drive. Not sure if it's one or the other, though.
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Re: DGND3300 Dropping wireless

"I wanted to user Readyshare and in the process of getting it to work, I updated to the latest firmware posted this month"

I believe that that is what is causing your problem. I think you should revert to your previous firmware particularly since you said this...

"I have a WNDR3700 v1. It's been working great"

If you read some of the threads in the WNDR3700 forums, you will see where there have been a lot of posts concerning disconnections. The usual fix seems to have been to revert to previous firmware that has been known to provide stability.

I'm not sure if it'll affect ReadyShare, but likely not. 🙂
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