DGND3300v2 - "LAN Setup" page disapeared


DGND3300v2 - "LAN Setup" page disapeared



I installed a  WIFI extender WN3000RPv3 to complete
my modem / Router  DGND3300v2.

after some IP adressing conflicts , I unpluged the Extender.


So, I wanted to check the IP reservation Table on the "LAN Setup" page of the Router (, I find this page does not show up completely, and

The IP Reservation Table disapeared. (copy attached)


I re-installed the last vesion of the router firmware. (V2.1.00.54_1.00.54) : no effect.

I re-installed the previous vesion of the router firmware : no effect.


When I check the  "netgear.cfg" file , I see the values I enterred previously

a well recorded and defined in this Reservation Table (attached copy).

Any idea to show a correct  "LAN Setup" page ?


Model: DGND3300v2|RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Modem Router|EOL
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