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DLNA Functionality

DLNA server is enabled. There is compatible Media content on the attached USB flash drives, yet the DLNA folders do not list any content. When checked on PC and when checked on TV, the folders are empty of content.

What else do I need to do in addition to enabling DLNA server, Tivo support and Scan for Media on the Router ?

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Re: DLNA Functionality

Does the router detects the USB drive?
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Re: DLNA Functionality

Yes it does detect both USB flash drives and they are functioning normally. Actually today I disabled the DLNA server in the router, rebooted and then enabled and rebooted it. Now the server has indexed the media files but on the Tivo end DLNA device is not listed now (the entry of DLNA device was lost after the DLNA server was disabled in the router).

I do not know how long it will take the Tivo to detect the DLNA server, I do not know how to manually force the Tivo to scan for it. Once DLNA is detected by Tivo then I will be able to see if the folders are populated on the Tivo end or not.

Any idea how to manually force the Tivo to scan for DLNA content ? (Tivo support is enabled in the router)
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