Re: DNS problem after start using R6100


DNS problem after start using R6100

Hi all, I am having some problems with internet connection ever since I got the R6100. The internet works in general. But, I would have no connection on my PC laptop when it is fully connected to network, and this happens randomly after a few hours of usage. The error I get is something like "There is internet connected, but DNS server is not responding". The only way to fix this problem is to restart my PC, and this has become really annoying because this error happens almost twice day, I have yet to find a solution that can resolve this problem without restarting the PC. (or prevent this from happening). The other devices that are connected to the house wifi seem unaffected (my mac or iphone still works).

I have tried some basic trouble shooting posted online about messing with the DNS server address ( like setting it to Google's DNS address), but none of them has helped. I have updated the firmware of this router as well as windows update. The wireless driver is also up to date.

The laptop is Lenovo Ideal Pad Z570, win 7, 64 bit, the router model is NetGear R6100 WIFI Router, the internal wifi adapter is Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN. Thank you so much in advance !
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Re: DNS problem after start using R6100

I am having a similiar problem with an R6050. But, I cannot get the router to give out DNS server ip addresses to my clients other than the router Lan IP Address, same as the Gateway Address, I am thinking the router is configured as a factory default to act as a DNS server to clients, but I would like my clients to go directly to the DNS servers. It makes troubleshooting much easier and like you I would like to try Google Public DNS etc. Like you, I have a client, a Win 8.1 laptop, that will load web pages fine, and then stop loading or very slow load. Other clients work fine, it looks a bit like a DNS problem.

Have you verified that your clients are getting the DNS ip addresses of Google or servers other than the Lan Gateway address, typically

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Re: DNS problem after start using R6100

I am sorry thatmy knowledge in this is really really limited...... By verifying my client is getting the DNS address of google, do I just type ipconfig/all in the command prompt ?......and see what it says next to DNS Servers ?
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Re: DNS problem after start using R6100

Yes, ipconfig /all should show you everything. I tried it on my Win 7 64 bit PC just from the DOS prompt.

But, I believe you are just going to see the Gateway ip address, typically as the DNS server. All the Netgear routers appear to want to function as DNS forwarders for the clients and do not configure the clients to go directly to your DNS servers.

I don't think it is a problem to have the router acting as a DNS forwarding server, but for troubleshooting I'd like to have clients going directly to the DNS server.

You could manually configure your client with DNS servers like, and for the Google Open DNS just as a test to see if there is a difference. If there is no difference, then possibly the problem is something else.
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Re: DNS problem after start using R6100

Try setting as well as static DNS server address on the routers end.

1. Access router's UI.
2. Click on Advanced tab
3. Setup>Internet Setup> Domain Name Server Address
4. You can put either or
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