Dell 5100nc network printer keeps going offline

My current configration of the network is I have a hardwired Dell 5100NC printer plugged into port 2 of my router - with a yellow light. The printer keeps going offline and I have remove device and reinstall in order for it to go back online.
I had this same issue with my Dlink router and I needed to enable Ipv4 on the router to fix my issue. I tryed looking for the same setting with the shiny new net gear WNDR4500 Router with was a breeze to setup all my stuff. How do I resolve this issue.
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Re: Dell 5100nc network printer keeps going offline

Since you've had the problem with different routers, you know it's not a router issue - and that enabling ipv4 on the router is most likely not related, you probably never had ipv4 disabled, because without it, everything would stop - the reality of the internet is that ipv4 is still king.

Call Dell - the problem is driver related.

A couple of things to do beforehand - set the printer to a static ip address, and when it goes offline, use ping to verify that you can communicate with it - I know you can because if you couldn't, your fix of uninstalling & reinstalling would not work.

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Re: Dell 5100nc network printer keeps going offline

Not sure if this is your issue but I have a Dell 515 wireless and found my loss of connection due to the security key on my wireless.
But if you are wired it may not help you.
WPA2 has a key cycle phase, where part of the key is regenerated and then hashed. When I hybernate laptops and they miss the key cycle phase then they will not reconnect and you get the wlan error. Some firmwares cope with this not, some are still poorly implemented.
[COLOR=black]Changing it from WPA2 security to [COLOR=blue]WPA-PSK [TKIP][/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FF0000][COLOR=black]This resolved loosing connection wirelessly any how.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
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