Difficulty setting up router with Genie

I purchased a Netgear N600 yesterday and followed the instructions step by step about 5 times but I can't set it. Connecting my computer to the router isn't a problem. Once I connect it, I type in to the address bar but it always fails to connect to the website. I can't connect an ethernet cable from the router to my laptop because it's a 2015 model so it doesn't have an ethernet port. I've tried doing it with my phone as well and it works up until it asks you if you would like to set up the connection yourself or let Netgear genie do it for you. I choose the option so it will setup automatically and press next but then an error shows up because supposedly there is no ethernet cable plugged into the router. Can anybody help me?
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Re: Difficulty setting up router with Genie

Did you order your laptop that way? Hopefully you can get a dongle for it..  Irregardless, you should always be able to access a router wired. Network connected devices are typically what you baseline router performance against, certainly, not wireless. 

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