Dropping Connections


Dropping Connections

I have a dual band WNDR3700 and the 5 Gig "N" network works perfectly. The problem is most of my computers aren't "N" band capable and the 2.4 Gig band drops it's connections constantly. When I first got it, the connection would hold for a week or 2 but now after about 4-5 months I have to go in and manually change the network channel about every 4 hours. It is driving me nuts and the "boss" gets pretty upset when she can't get to her email and I'm not home. Does anybody have any ideas what I can do to get this thing to keep the 2.4 Gig network connected without having to change channels every couple of hours. I tried calling Netgear, and even though I have a case # from when I first bought it, they tell me it's out of the free tech service and they won't help.
Any suggestions............please?
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Re: Dropping Connections

You could try some of the things suggested on this thread:

You may also be having some issues with surrounding networks, in which case the "Good Neighbor" rule may apply to you. There was some discussion on this thread (including an embedded link to another thread):

Pay attention too, to what is mentioned in the 1st link concerning microwave ovens, baby monitors, etc., as these signals can cause disruptions. Even if you can't identify such potential disruptive sources in your own home, be aware that these can come from neighbors too, particularly if they are very closeby.

One last point: If having first tried all of the above nothing works, I've seen quite a few threads on these forums complaining about connectivity issues with the WNDR3700. You shouldn't have any problem locating them. They may provide a solution if the above doesn't help. 🙂
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Re: Dropping Connections

Google inssider

I would check what channel are used in your surroundings. It is possible that you live in 2.4ghs saturated area and you may need to use 5ghz
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