Epson (and other?) cloud services arbitrarily blocked

EDIT: It may not be the Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection feature after all. Read below for more.


I have a one month old R6400 router with the latest firmware. I also have an Epson XP-800 inkjet printer.


I have the printer connected to the Epson Cloud. This lets users scan documents directly to online services like Dropbox or OneDrive, and it allows users to print to this device from anywhere they are on the internet, such as from a cell phone in a remote location.


When the Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection feature is enabled in the router, the printer's connectivity to the Epson Cloud is arbitrarily interrupted. I say "arbitrarily" because when I am scanning a 40 page document into the cloud, the scan quits with a data communication error after a random but small number of pages scanned. Also, I can log into the Epson Cloud through a broswer on my computer to check my printer's status (done here: With Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection on, the printer's status arbitrarily shows as Disconnected.


Disabling Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection appears to have fixed everything, but I am now without this important protection.


The above is my best guess at the sitaution. I do not have a way of sniffing the wifi connection between the printer and the router at this time (I guess I could drop to an open network and run Wireshark...), the printer has no logs and does not give detailed errors, and the router's own log doesn't show anything amiss. I just know that when Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection is disabled, things work well.


Is anyone else running into this? Any other solutions?

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: "Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection" blocks Epson (and other?) cloud services

I believe that are on the right track Port scan will stop outside traffic and you are using an outside service to handle the Epson cloud service you may want to look in to private vpn to access the printer's cloud based service.

You may want to research the opions if a vpn would work not sure that Netgear's firmware works with all private vpns

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Re: "Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection" blocks Epson (and other?) cloud services

Turns out that the Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection feature may not be it. Thread title is updated to reflect this.


While the 40 page document went through just fine, but a 6 page scan that followed failed with the same data communication error.

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