Re: Failed Firmware R6220 TFTP fails


Failed Firmware R6220 TFTP fails

When trying to update the firmware on the router, at first the router fails to update and then fails to reboot. So I connected via the ethernet port to the computer, and use TFTP to upload the firmware file manually. However, this also fails to resolve the issue.

The status lights of the writer also strange, there is no power light, however the USB light is on even though there is nothing attached to USB port, and the light for the ethernet port that I’m using is also lit.

The router refuses to respond to web requests or ICMP pings. However, the router firmware uploads successfully in TFTP.

I have had routers fail to do a firmware update before but TFTP always fixes it. I’m at a loss entirely.
Model: R6220|AC1200 Smart WiFi Router with External Antennas
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Re: Failed Firmware R6220 TFTP fails

Sorry for typos and such, doing this on my phone.
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