Re: Firewall in 3700 v1?


Firewall in 3700 v1?

I hope this question doesn't mark me as a hopeless noob.:rolleyes:

I can't seem to find the firewall in my 3700. Way back when I used to do some work in a Check Point Firewall-1 setup. Compared with the UNIX-y firewalls of that period, I loved the "spreadsheet-like" appearance of the rules table.

Is there something similar in the 3700?:confused:
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Re: Firewall in 3700 v1?

there is such setup like other .

home end router do have firewall but most in simple manner you see in gui

you can telnet and see . go to and get telnetenabler
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Re: Firewall in 3700 v1?

Then Netgear WNDR3700 is not in the same category of Check Point "devices." These are "small office home office" (SOHO) grade NAT based router. Check Point is a "full blown" true firewall based device and might be based a "Linux" systen. Linux system operating system was designed fore Internet and seems to allow for more security.
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