Green Blinking Light of Death Help


Green Blinking Light of Death Help

Netgear has a nice concise set of directions for the blinking green light of death when the firmware is corrupt. I have followed the directions exactly and I just can't get the new firmware pushed over to the router to fix it. I keep getting the response:

Timeout Occurred
Connect request failed.

I am assuming I am just missing something simple, but I have read through tons of message boards and forums to fix my mistake and have gotten nowhere. Please, anyone, I am desperate. Thank you.
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Re: Green Blinking Light of Death Help

with a paper clip push and hold the button in the hole for 10 seconds then unplug the router.

This will reset the router.
Now try the firmware upgrade.
Also unplug all either net cables except for the one plug into you PC and your modem.

1xR6300 V1 - V1.0.2.36_1.0.28
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