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Guest Access

If guest access is enabled, does that let someone totally into your network or does it keep users in a segregated stream?:confused:
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All depends how you you have the other settings. You can totally isolate or join and share.
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The guest option if activated should be verified, if you're worried about guest gaining access to main network.

Settings is a start no doubt, But some combinations of equipment could actually negate those settings. If you use a router as AP to extend coverage and this AP has Guest option activated you would loose the ability to block the guest from the main network.
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Re: Guest Access

I have a question about the guest account I am new on here and sorry I can not figure out how to start a new post. My question is if I set parental controls for the network and have the guest account enabled does the parental controls also effect the guest account or is the guest account separate from the network parental controls and has no restrictions?
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Re: Guest Access

I can not figure out how to start a new post

LOOK for "Forum Tool" Tab. Drop down will show "Post New Thread"
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