Guest Wifi Dropping Repeatedly

I am an IT for a non-profit, and we bought 5 of these r6300v1 models a couple years ago. One right away started having problems forgetting settings and would drop repeatedly. I didn't go to the warranty right away, but after we were outside of the warranty window we saw more problems across most of the devices. Honestly, I've never had so many problems with a router before.

The Guest Wifi keeps dropping. Two of the routers have this same issue, and I can find nothing of help thus far.

All routers have firmware V1.0.2.70_1.0.50

We notice it more often when multiple guests come in, but I cannot distinguish between it being overloaded or we are just getting the error reported more frequently.

It is dropping as soon as one authenticates on the network, but sometimes it stays up for 15 minutes.
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Re: Guest Wifi Dropping Repeatedly

start by dropping back to .68 firmware and follow the directions in my signature
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