Help with R6250 DLNA folder issues


Help with R6250 DLNA folder issues

Hello, hoping someone can assist.


I have the R6250 and my DLNA streaming to an iPad has been working fine for quite a while but recently I transferred a lot of new files to the USB drive connected to the router, and all of a sudden it's not fully loading my "TV Shows" subfolders.  I've read that turning off the media server in the router settings and then deleting the ReadyShare folder on the drive and letting it be created again can solve the problem, but no-go for me.


It seems like this is a somewhat common issue....if there is no real "fix" for this does anyone have advice on a good alternative AC router that is reliable with DLNA? 

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Re: Help with R6250 DLNA folder issues

There is a file limit and it appears you exceded it. If you have a big library you should consider a NAS.

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