How do you split a dual router signal on a N600 wireless router?


How do you split a dual router signal on a N600 wireless router?

I purchased a Sensi thermostat in my home which has wireless capabilities so I can monitor my home via an app but when I tried to connect it to my wireless router (N600 model), it's not connecting.  Sensi told me it's because I have a dual router and the Sensi must connect only to the 2.4 signal.  They suggested that I identify the 2.4 signal with a different SSID, which I tried to do, but then I was not able to still connect wirelessly to my other devices to the 5 GHz signal.  Obviously I'm not doing something correct and of course my phone support at Netgear has expired.  Has anyone had this issue or can anyone tell me how to split my dual band signal so I can connect my Sensi to the 2.4 and my other devices (ipad, iphone, etc) to the 5 GHz signal?


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Re: How do you split a dual router signal on a N600 wireless router?

It sounds like there are two issues.

  1. Connecting your thermostat to your home Wi-Fi network.  You should follow the installation instructions for your thermostat, steps 12-14.
  2. Connecting to your thermostat from the Internet.  This Sensi support article states that ports 1024 through 1123, inclusive, need to be forwarded to your thermostat.  This is where a dual router setup can be problematic.  Either you have to set up port forwarding on both routers, or you will have to eliminate the non-primary router (disconnect it or convert it to an Access Point) and set up port forwarding on the primary router.

Get #1 working first.  You should, then, be able to control your thermostat from the Sensi smartphone app while your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. 


Then work on #2.  Once port forwarding is set up, try to access your thermostat from the Internet, either using the app or via a web browser pointed at


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