How long does support take via email?


How long does support take via email?

I have had my router for 5 months. Now it keep dropping my internet connection randomly. I called and they told me I have 2 options. Pay for support because it only 90 days. Or go via email. So I submitted a ticket 4 hours ago, and no one has responded.

Anyone know how long this process takes? I am about to goto best buy and BUY a new Linksys. I have had linksys all along and decided to try NETGEAR and so for i am not happy.
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Re: How long does support take via email?

It will perhaps take 24 hours for a response via email.

Honestly, support will probably ask you to do things like reset the router, etc., etc. You'll probably be totally frustrated in the end.

On the other hand, buying a new Linksys may not be the answer either. You'll probably end up with the same problem all over. This would be so if the problem that is causing your (wireless?) intenet connection to drop is coming from interference is caused by an external source.

You have had your Netgear router for 5 months - has it been dropping your internet (wireless?) all this time or just recently? If just recently, how long now?

Could you provide more info about:

- which version WNDR3700 it is?

- which firmware version you are using?

- what your wireless settings are?

- what your client devices are?

This kind of info would be required, at the very least, for others on this forum to try to make any helpful suggestions. 🙂
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Re: How long does support take via email?

in most cases you should get answered in day or two. I would also say depending on the region you are in and I say if you fit in USA time zone you should get goo results..
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