Re: How to Set Device's Time?

Mars Mug wrote:
I assume you mean the system currently configuring the router?

No, I mean the modem requesting the system time, either wireless or wired, from the connected computer for the time being. Should not be a problem to sail around a failing ntp request, in that sense, to sync with another source.

Mars Mug wrote:

Alternative NTP servers would be a good idea (Netgear do have more than one by the way). But perhaps a better idea might be to make sure the servers are properly operating redundantly

Well that would be the smart part (redundancy) instead of having all ntp servers in the same failing network cluster.

just my2cents
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Re: How to Set Device's Time?

Those of you who want to set the device time for the DGND3700 Here is what you do:

1. Connect to your device (default :; user Name: admin; Password: admin)

2. Go down to: Content Filtering and select Schedule.

3. Go down to Time Zone and select your own time zone. (This will set the clock to internet time)

4. To verify that it worked, (under Content Filtering) select logs. Clear and refresh and you are done!

Enjoy it
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Re: How to Set Device's Time?

You missed the thread as this was issues with NTP server failure
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Re: How to Set Device's Time?

Netgear NTP servers must be back up as I can now sync the time.

Thank you for the posts that explain that Netgear have their own NTP servers; it is annoying that the logs for the DGND3700v2 are so limited - is there a way to get more detail out of them?
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Re: How to Set Device's Time?

I have the exact same problem when i reset the router Dec 31, 1969 shows up it takes 2-3 days after that to get the real date and time....
The latest firmware V1.1.00.17_1.00.17NA upgrade did not fix this issue....
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