Re: How to configure WAC510 for Multiple SSID with VLANS


How to configure WAC510 for Multiple SSID with VLANS

I have a WAC510 [fw] that is connected to a Ubiquity EdgeRouter-X. The WAC 510 is set up as an Access Point.

The eth4 port of the ER-X that the WAC510 [LAN port] is connected to is configured / truncked for 3 VLANS: VLAN1 x.x.3.1/24 (native); VLAN6 x.x.6.1/24 and VLAN7 x.x.7.1/24. DHCP is handled on the ER-X. Wireless clients can properly connect to VLAN1 obtaining a proper IP for VLAN 1. Wireless clients attempting to connect to VLAN 6 or 7 connect to the VLANS but they do not get a proper IP for their respective VLAN. They get a 169.254.195.x IP.

This is indicative of DHCP not being passed for VLANS 6 and 7. There do not seem to be any additional VLAN configuration parameters for the WAC510 other than simply assigning the VLAN ID to the SSID used.

DHCP as configured on the ER-X is working for all other configured networks. As previously stated VLAN1 on the WAC510 works fine. I'm looking to find out how VLAN 6 and 7 can be configured to accept DHCP. Additionally are there any other parameters for the configuration of SSIDs an VLANS.

Any insights would be appreciated.


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Re: How to configure WAC510 for Multiple SSID with VLANS

I was having the same problem with my SOHO at my place. I have a Pfsense as my firewall which deliver the DHCP request for my network. 


I have configured a guest wifi in a separated VLAN but the vlan wasn't getting traversed through the LAN port. 


I discoverd that if you want to use more than one VLAN and your Access Point is in AP mode you need to use the WAN port to connect back to your network. If you use the LAN port aditionals VLAN won't traverse to your network just the default (VLAN1). Just swap the cable from LAN to WAN port and it should work.  


Here is the link that explaning it.


Apprently the manual has this info but I coundl't find it. Hope this helps you. 

Model: WAC510 Insight Managed Access Point
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