How to create a rule for my web page


I have a domain name with a redirection to my paid hosting service at Tera-Byte Dot Com Inc. or


Now I want to use the hosting servers from my Domain Name registering Domain Registry of Canada (


And now I can not acces my web page ( from my home but I can access it outside of my house...


Is there a rule that I can specify on my Netgear rooter ta access my web page again ?


Thank you

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Re: How to create a rule for my web page

Welcome to the forum.


You've posted this in the ReadyNAS section, though it appears to be a router question,  If you let us know what Netgear router you are using, we can move it to the right forum.


However I don't think it is really a router problem (esp. if the web page is hosted).


FWIW, it can take a while for these re-assignments to propagate.  So check it again, and see if the problem is still happening.  Perhaps also get the IP address by entering  ping in Windows CMD (or OSX terminal).  The ping itself will time out, but you should see an IP address.   I get (and can reach your page).  If you get something else, you might contact droc.



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Re: How to create a rule for my web page



Thank you for your answer...


My rooter is the Netgear WNDR3700


In fact it was a question of rooter and the problem is there to, because when I disconnect my computer from the rooter and connect it directly to the cable-modem, it works... So something somewher is block in the rooter... But your are whrite because just after waiting a week or so, I can now acess it even throu the rooter... Don't know why...


But now the thing is that it always go to the old hosting site (Spaceports) and not to the new one ( Even if DROA (Domain Registry of Canada) redirect my domain name ( to there servers...


So maybe I have to wate an other week or so and see what's hapening...


I just don't know how it goes all those things...


Every thing happened after changing my web site hosting server and the service of web site (domain name) redirection... I read on the web that those kind of changes goes weard in the DNS stuf...


And all my search results in Google still pointing to the old site (Spaceports)...


I meen, if you make a search on google for "auteur compositeur demos" I am the 4th in the result and for me (throu the rooter) it goes to th old site (Spaceports)... Can you check on your side ?


Thanks for your help




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Re: How to create a rule for my web page

@guy_charpentier Searching for that string leads to

Have you tried power cycling the router?

Perhaps, try to turn off the router for at least 2 minutes then turn it back on. 

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