How to do similar function STATIC DNS CONFIGURATION on this modem/router


In short after 4 netgear support cases and final answer cannot be done on this modem/router one last time asking advise here.

I do website hosting on a server @ home via a fixed IP address at my ISP. I have my own DNS server, email server, ftp server and all hosting is done from my own servers on the lan. On my old modem/router being replaced as its old (Netcomm) I need to do the following. Three dns options on older modem (static dns, easy its your ISP dns server to connect), Dynamic dns (not needed I have a static ip address @ isp) and last a option called Static DNS configuration (you enter 2 fields hostname.domainname and internal IP address in LAN) i use port forwarding (port 53 for all incoming DNS requests to a internal lan ip address, all good no probs) BUT i also use Static DNS configuration where I enter the name servers ie... and and the ip address of my internal dns server. Very fast incoming dns name server lookups as it knows staright away where to go to fetch dns lookups. This netgear modem/router does not offer the last function of Static DNS configuration and even when I do a post forward of post 53 (dns) to the internal dns server ip address takes a very long time to find the internal dns server.

Any suggestions (other than going to a dynamic dns service) as advised by Netgear support (not an option I am not changing ALL my dns server ip addresses just because a piece of wh cannot do the job) ?

So I need to have a way of letting an incoming DNS server query URL ie... or direct straight away to my DNS server as it hits the modem/router ? And static route on this modem/router is not the same function it only allows you to direct a IP address to a internal LAN IP address it does not allow you to direct a URL to a internal lan IP address ?

Any advise will be welcomed thanks...


NSW, Australia
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Re: How to do similar function STATIC DNS CONFIGURATION on this modem/router

It will not let you do that at all. I would suggest to different networking devices... Smiley Happy
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Re: How to do similar function STATIC DNS CONFIGURATION on this modem/router

Thanks for the reply appreciated. my problem is all the new multi band wifi modem/routers do not have this function called static dns configuration now as it use to be a security risk. plebs used it wrong and stuffed themselves and managed to not connect to their own isp. how they did that I dont know thats what all modem/routers support tells me. even port forward for port 53 for incoming dns query lookups is slow as incoming dns queries still doesnt know which server to use for the dns lookup. so it looks like i have to replace what I have which is the netcomm nb6plus4wn.
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