Re: How work reserved addresses ?


How work reserved addresses ?


I was wondering how work reserved addresses ? Do you need to set a static ip on each server, fixed computer (that need one of course) and then add thoses address info in reserved addresses to avoid DHCP to use them ?

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Re: How work reserved addresses ?

The following is from page 5-4 of the WNDR3700 User Manual:

Address Reservation
When you specify a reserved IP address for a computer on the LAN, that computer always receives the same IP address each time it accesses the router’s DHCP server. Reserved IP addresses should be assigned to computers or servers that require permanent IP settings.

You can download the manual here.
Do some reading-up on it. Smiley Wink

Address Reservation is a function within the router, whereas setting a Static Address is done externally (i.e. you normally have to set it on the PC or whatever).

You should only use one or the other.
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Re: How work reserved addresses ?

So if i understand, you either set ip manually or use this router feature?

If yes then what do you recommand ? Oh and btw i did looked in the manual but i am french speaking and i just didnt understand correctly the explanation. ;p

Thanks a lots.
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Re: How work reserved addresses ?

you can do three things.

1 give every pc a fixed address(do not use DHCP)

2 give every pc an address automatically(using the DHCP option in the router)
the adddress given will be on a first come,first serve base.
so the first pc you turn on gets address 2, the second pc(or your phone) gets address 3

3 give every pc an address automatically but you decide which address you give to which pc.
this is the static routing option.

for example

ip device mac address Iphone3GS 90:xx:0D:xx:0A:xx
10 Iphone4 xx:EA:xxSmiley Very Happy3:xx:xx

in this case the iphone 3gs with that mac address gets ip address 90.

this is very convinient if you want fixed addresses for al you devices but you want to control them centrally.
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Re: How work reserved addresses ?

Static IP on pc/device must be OUTSIDE of DHCP range of the router
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Re: How work reserved addresses ?

Yes, but RESERVERD addresses must be INSIDE the HHCP range
, at least that is how it works on mine.

my wishlist however would be

DHCP range 1-100(for al the devices who need an ip address but are not in the reserved list.

reserved addresses(assigned by mac address) 101-whatever.

jmizoguchi wrote:
Static IP on pc/device must be OUTSIDE of DHCP range of the router
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Re: How work reserved addresses ?

Reserved IPs are part of the DHCP range. You are essentially giving yourself a static IP without actually setting up your computer with a static. Everytime your computer boots up, it will get the same IP address even though it's still set for DHCP.
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