I can't access the page or IP

Hi guys,

I Have just bought A Netgear WNDR4700 wireless router.

Am trying to set it up but i can't access the page or even IP is not working.

Also i Have a Dlink router Model DP 1350 configured it as arouter hich am using to supply the netgear with internet connection through the internet port.

Please Help!!!!!!!!


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Re: I can't access the page or IP

Do you intend to keep your DLink as the main router?  If so, you should probably set up the Netgear as an AP.


I suggest you disconnect the Netgear from everything except for one computer, which should be connected to one of the Netgear's LAN ports via Ethernet cable.  Make sure the computer is set up to obtain its IP address automatically.  You should be able to log into the Netgear using either or  If it doesn't work, try performing a factory reset of the Netgear and try again.


Once you are logged in, proceed to set it up (as an AP, per my suggestion, or however you like).  Once you are done, connect the Netgear to your DLink and enjoy.

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