I need help portforwarding my WNDR4000


I need help portforwarding my WNDR4000

I have recently switched from a linksys router to a netgear WNDR4000. I hosted runescape private servers on the linksys with no problem. Whenever i try to portforward the WNDR4000 it allows me to create the port, but whenever i check to see if the port is open, it says it is closed. i have the port number which is 43594. i have looked all over for portforwarding guides for the WNDR4000 but i seem to have no luck finding one. i do not know if it is my computers firewall that is blocking it or what. i have turned my computers firewall off and tried but i still have no luck. If there is something else i need to do within the router please let me know, any advice would be great.
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Re: I need help portforwarding my WNDR4000

Assuming same broadband modem device you used with linksys?

Assuming you double check on firewall the LAN subnet you are using on netgear is trusted? linksys and netgear both uses different default LAN subnet.
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