I need to share my WNDR4300 is finally working (for now)


I need to share my WNDR4300 is finally working (for now)

I felt the need to post a rather lengthy response I just made to a Netgear phone support survey. I have found these kinds of forums have helpful and courteous people and I would like to share my experience. I seek no further technical help at this point, as for now, all is working. But I'm left with a "caveat emptor" feeling. Here's what I wrote to the Netgear survey. Best of luck to all of you:

I am writing this response in WordPad, and I intend to post this somewhere else on Netgear's site. If you want to listen fine. If you don't, maybe others will.
First some history. I upgraded my Netgear router two days ago and have had some rather frightening experiences. I am not sure they are Netgear's fault, but the coincidences certainly point that way.
I have owned two Netgear products in the past. First, the Netgear WGR614 router which I've owned for about 8 years. It always seems to work, but if I try to connect another wireless device with this router, it will often lock up. I then have to cycle power, wait about 2 minutes, and it comes back. This is an annoyingly routine occurence. The second product was a very buggy wireless B Net-music player, the Netgear's first one (circa 2005). It was a VERY buggy product that I finally replaced with something a lot more reliable (Grace Digital). Good riddance.
So, it with more than some trepidation that I saw a sale at Fry's Electronics for the Netgear N750/WNDR4300 gigabit router for $85. I was hoping that 1) I wouldn't have to keep re-booting the old router and 2) I might achieve gigabit speeds over my hard-wired network.
Installation went rather smoothly and everything (wireless and hard-wired) connected, two days ago. Good first step! I have 2 laptops routinely hard-wired to my router, one that I typically turn on and leave on each day (a newer Lenovo/Windows 8.1 laptop). Yesterday, I went to my Lenovo laptop and encountered the infamous blue screen of death. \WINDOWS\system32\winload efi Error Code: 0xc0000185. Repeated attempts at restarting the computer resulted in the same thing. Keep in mind, this was a hard wire direct Ethernet connection to the new Netgear N750. My Lenovo laptop booted up into Windows 8.1 only when I disconnected this Ethernet cable. I immediately suspected the new Netgear N750 router. Over the next day+ I rebooted the Lenovo laptop several times; it booted but VERY sluggishly. I was able to restore full functionality to the laptop after connecting it DIRECTLY to my cable modem, eliminating the Netgear N750 entirely.
I was ready to return the Netgear N750 to Fry's Electronics, but I decided to call the Netgear support line since I supposedly had a 90 telephone support on this new router.
The Netgear support line was an Indian call center. The lady was 20% helpful/80% sales pitch for a 2 year "support everything" contract she was trying to sell me (after all this, believe me, I listened to the sales pitch, but decided to wait). As she was on the line, I reconnected my Netgear N750 to my network (remember, my Lenovo laptop was previously connected directly to my cable modem as I nursed it back to health through many reboots/scans). Everything seemed to work now, so she really didn't add much help to this process. She did say my "blue screen of death" experience probably wasn't because of the new N750 router, but I think it's too much of a coincidence. The N750 router is still connected and time will tell.
Here's where it gets kind of creepy. Shortly after all this, I'm testing all my other wired and wireless devices via my N750 router. I go back to the Lenovo laptop and I get an e-mail from one of my e-mail providers. An attempt was made to try to get into one of my accounts:
Saturday, May 10, 2014 9:22:00 PM UTC
IP Address:
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
This is very weird. I talk to an India call center, and shortly after there's an attempt to access one of my accounts.
So far everthing is working. BUT I don't trust Netgear products, I don't trust Netgear telephone support.
I have a feeling your website survey will crash after I try to cut and paste such a lengthy response. If it works............ good for you, at least you got that right!
'nuff said.
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Re: I need to share my WNDR4300 is finally working (for now)

Thanks for that, generally when I ring any company for support and I get an Indian / Asian person I ask for an English person or someone in my country. Sometimes it works but if it doesn't hen I hang up and never waste my time again.

Google and forums are a great place for help
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