IPV6 - Address autoconfiguration and static devices


IPV6 - Address autoconfiguration and static devices

My home network has a mixture of devices - end user workstations, laptops, mobile devices and servers. Under IPV4 I can define a range of addresses to be provisioned via DHCP, and the rest are static - this works well for the servers, NAT and port forwarding on the firewall works well for public internet access to the devices assuming the public IP does not change often (as in the case of my provider - comcast)

IPV6 is somewhat different, I can only find autoconfig and dhcpv6 as configuration options. The network portion of the address assigned by my isp is semi-permanent but because all host addresses on the network are automatically assigned I cannot reliably determine the IP of a given server.

Can I statically configure an IPv6 address on my servers whilst at the same time allowing autoconfigure on the other devices? ... under v4 that was likely to cause ip conflicts - can the same thing happen under ipv6 or is there a detection mechanism that prevents duplicate addresses?
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Re: IPV6 - Address autoconfiguration and static devices

the short answer is yes. however, in my ipv6 education, i forgot most of it Smiley Sad
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