Illegal IP address when reserving IP address

I have a DGND3300v2.

I have DHCP active on the router (IP range, and on each of two range extenders (IP ranges and

When I select a device to reserve an IP address on the LAN Setup/Address Reservation page, assign the address (i.e. outside all the DHCP ranges) and clicking ADD, I get the message "IP Address is illegal!"

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Illegal IP address when reserving IP address

There are some brands of router that will ‘reserve’ IP addresses outside the DHCP pool range, they will sometimes call that process something else e.g. MAC Address Binding. Netgear home grade routers generally use the DHCP range for address reservation i.e. if you want to reserve an address it needs to be in the DHCP range, which is logical when you consider that the computer that you are reserving the address for will be using DHCP requests to get IP data.

Another issue you may have with your split DHCP functions on your LAN is that you can’t control which DHCP server replies to the request. So even if you reserve an IP address in the ‘3300 settings, there’s nothing to stop one of the other two DHCP servers replying to the DHCP request first and allocating an address from their pool. What model of range extender are you using?
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Re: Illegal IP address when reserving IP address

You're asking the DHCP server to lease an address that you have already told it NOT to issue.

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Re: Illegal IP address when reserving IP address

Thank you Babylon5 and fordem, you both identified the problem - I have used an address in the range of the router's DHCP and the reservation stuck.
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