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Internet Drop-Outs

Hello everyone,

I'm having an interesting issue that I have narrowed down to the WNDR3700 on my network. Randomly (there may be a pattern but unsure right now) the internet connection drops, and while it was down about an hour ago I determined it was the router based on direct-connecting to the cable modem with no issues. Once I connected back to the router (ethernet or wifi) I no longer had an internet connection.

I downloaded Netgear Genie to see realtime as the connection drops, and sure enough while I was writing this it dropped the connection again.

The router is a version 1, with 1.0.7 loaded (1.0.16 breaks AFP on Macs). I've tried restarting the router, which fixes it for a short amount of time then it will drop the connection.

Has anyone had a problem like this before?
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Re: Internet Drop-Outs


I had the exact same problem with this router. Internet connection was dropping often and I spent lot of time and energy troubleshooting the problem. If I renew the IP manually, then internet starts working again.

For the past few days, the problem is not occurring anymore.
Here is what I did - In the WAN setup I enabled the "Disable Port Scan" and "Respond to Ping" checkboxes.

Once these two checkboxes were ticked, internet connection is steady and no dropouts. I hope the problem is fixed with this workaround.

I think in the firmware for implementing these two options, Netgear is blocking signals from ISP/modem to renew the IP, thereby dropping the connection.

Hope Netgear doesn't repeat this with other routers in the future.

Firmware version: V1.0.16.98-dns
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Re: Internet Drop-Outs

***PLEASE HELP*** novice user and am lost

Guys - this is my first time using the netgear forums and i have just signed up today. I have had a netgear product for 7years and not an issue until 3 days ago. I have a netgear DG834GT router and i did a restore factory settings and now the router is constantly dropping the connection to the internet. I have spoke to my ISP and they validated the line, provided me with all my connection details - nothing has changed. I am listening on channel 11, I logged in and fine it connects and i can browse.

However after some time, the router disconnects and whipes out the ip addresses from the admin page.

I am at a loss as to what is going on. I know people have said to update my firmware but I am not sure how to do this or where? I did find one link to a DG834GT_V1.03.23.img file, i tried to upload it but the whole router crashed and flashed the internet and wirelss icons flashed amber. The strange thing is, i havent had a problem since the day i bought the router...

Below if my settings:

Firmware Version V1.02.04

MAC Address 00:18:4D:1A:86:53
IP Address
Network Type PPPoA
IP Subnet Mask
Gateway IP Address
Domain Name Server

ADSL Firmware Version A2pB018e.d16f
Modem Status Connected
DownStream Connection Speed 4544 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 448 kbps
VCI 38
Wireless Port
Region Europe
Channel 11
Wireless AP Enabled
Broadcast Name Enabled

could it be that there is another application (such as my iphone) which is casuing the network to crash?

The idle time is 0 but when i leave the PC alone for any period of time - it crashes

I changed the MTU to 1400....

I am at a loss guys , sorry if this is a desperate call but i am tempted to just go and buy a new router, as the ISP says everything looks good.

Karl (UK).
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Re: Internet Drop-Outs

Other that is being extremely rude to hi-jack someone else's thread, could I suggest that you post your question in the correct section of this forum too?

This section of the forum is specifically for a Cable router, when you are describing an issue with an ADSL router.
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