Is there a router diagnostics?

Hi everyone,
I'm just wondering if there is some kind of program that can be run to test my router? I as this because I have my ISP router bridged and it hands traffic to my 3700, this is connected to my 3800 downstairs but I have noticed issues with my speeds, spikes and drops and so on.

Just thought I would see if there is anything to test my routers with.

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Re: Is there a router diagnostics?

Are you looking for internal testing, or external testing?

Externally, I'd just recommend going to and running their speed test from the nearest server to you. (you'll likely have to manually select it)

Internally, I really have no free recommendations. (I use IxChariot for my testing internally, and it's not a free product)
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Re: Is there a router diagnostics?

Its internally i'm looking to test ho does Ixchariot work?

and thanks
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Re: Is there a router diagnostics?

Ixia has a free product based on IxChariot - QCheck.

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