LAN problems - but WIFI works?!


LAN problems - but WIFI works?!

Well, I came across an unusual problem over the last 24 hours.

After seemingly sorting out the issue with the WAN disconnections (isp changed snr automatically), I noticed that when I connected by LAN, I was connected to an 'Unidentified Network" with no internet access. I also could not access router config.

However, I could still browse on-line if I connected by 2.4ghz or 5ghz wireless- and also access the router config page. I also noticed that my Vodafone SureSginal was not connecting by ethernet. There was an orange connectivity light on all active ethernet ports, but no green lights.

I called Netgear Support again, and unfortunately did not seem to get someone who understood what I was talking about at all. After an hour on the phone trying to find any excuse to lay blame on me, he said to have it replaced as it was probably faulty and he didn't know what was wrong with it.

Anyone have any more educated ideas as to why my wired devices could not create a successful lan network? I haven't come across this before.

To be honest - I am completely fed up with the issues this router has presented and I have already contacted Amazon to have it returned. I don't think I will be getting it replaced.

I plugged in my trusty DG834G and all was instantly OK.

Any good tips on another adsl modem/router with similar features?
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Re: LAN problems - but WIFI works?!

willz320 wrote:
...I noticed that when I connected by LAN, I was connected to an 'Unidentified Network" with no internet access...

This is a common issue with Windows Vista & Windows 7.

I'd suggest that you search the web first for a solution as it isn't restricted to the Netgear DGND3700 router.
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Re: LAN problems - but WIFI works?!

Do you have other network cables? or can verify the cabling your connecting to(possibly through wall) is accurate?

What are the lights doing on the pc side and router side?

When you connect wired or wireless it should ask what kind of network it is. I'm not sure if you require admin rights to do this and that could be a factor too.
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