Low Ping With Modem; High Ping With Router


Low Ping With Modem; High Ping With Router

Hey all!
I am an owner of a Netgear WNR2000 router.
During my use of it, we have had a few issues: very unstable LAN setups, occasional crashes that require a reboot, etc. But for the most part, I considered it to be unavoidable internet difficulties.

However, I have been recently playing more and more online games, and have been receiving unbearable lag: my reported ping was often 300+, if not 400+.
At this point I figured that something must be wrong, and headed over to Pingtest. I failed the test with a ping of 380 m/s. This was while I was connected to the router, and did not vary much whether I was using a wired or wireless connection.
I think connected my laptop directly to the modem, and Pingtest verified a ping of 13 m/s, which is practically ideal.

So it appears that my router is bottlenecking my signal, but I have no idea how to further diagnose or fix it. Help?

(Also, I just wanted to note that when connected to the router I have the fairly high download/upload speeds that I would expect from Comcast-- this appears to be just a ping issue)
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Re: Low Ping With Modem; High Ping With Router

Is your modem in bridged mode or route mode? It could be a double NAT issue.
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