MY WNDR 3700 v2 router does not see my back up drive

My WNDR 3700 v2 wireless router does not see the 1TB seagate slim drive connected to the usb port. The drive is USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible and window compatible. The drive works fine when connected to my Laptop with USB 3.0 port. However the router can see an old and smaller passport drive.


I did not have to download a driver for my slim drive so it should work with the router according to the manual. Can you explain why this is happening and how to get the router see my slim drive


Help is appreciated, patrice



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Re: MY WNDR 3700 v2 router does not see my back up drive

Hi @kerevelpg,


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It might be possible that it's an incompatible HDD. Check this compatibility list. In addition, you may also want to verify that the firmware of your router is updated. The latest firmware version for your router is


How to do Firmware Upgrade

Let us know what happens.




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