Mimo Dual TS9 antennas


Mimo Dual TS9 antennas

Firstly, above model is not exactly what my device says. It is not listed above, but is an ORBI LBR 1020 (6B3).


So, this is the (Australian) Telstra Orbi WiFi router and satellite which I just purchased. After hours of trying to get it set up, I succeeded and works okay (ish).


I livein an area where the only Internet available is via Wifi. Though this device works marginally better than my old Telstra 4GX Pro, it could be better.


So question is about antennas. Seems like it needs Mimo Dual TS9 antennas. Trying to find one that is known to be compatable is hellish! Well, here in Australia anyway. Even searching Telstra, they mention this antenna, but not if they have any.


Anyone have any idea of where to buy a non Chinese rip off antenna in Australia that would **fit and work** with this Orbi? (No offense to Chinese products, but I've read many articles where their db ratings are suspect).


Any help appreciated!




Model: RBS40|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Add-on Satellite
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