Modem CM500 and WiFi Router R6330 no devices connect except main computer


I just bought these to replace ones I had when my IP cable got a hit of lightning and destroyed a list of tv and computer devices.  My router allows my main computer to connect when the router is plugged into the modem and the computer plugged into the router. However, nothing else has access to my router whether plugged into it or wirelessly. My phone sees the new SSID name I set up, says it's working great, but when I tap to connect the phone it says it can't connect. I had Ooma phone service plugged into my old router, it would not work so I got a new base box.  It's not working either even though I can plug my main computer into it's 'home' port and use the internet that way, but VOIP phone service does not work.  The Ooma tech said he used to work for an IP who would set up a firewall in the router and nothing could connect unless allowed. (I'm not sure if the Ooma tech was talking about IP owned routers or customer owned, come to think of it).  My IP tech (Wowway) told me they can't even see the router. I don't know who to believe. I also read a Netgear support article that says some IPs deliberately lock their service to one MAC address and no others are allowed.  But their 'mac spoofing' method is too technical for me now, even though I found the MAC address of my computer, especially since I also can't access my Netgear device set up pages anymore.


No Internet with new router - MAC spoofing


I can't get into the the setup for my modem or router now.  The link goes to setting up from the beginning, starting over. Every tab I open in Firefox says at the top that I must log in to this network before I can access the internet, but I'm already on the internet and when I click 'open Network Login page' it just says 'success' and otherwise blank page. I am very confused to say the least. Help please! Smiley Happy

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