N150 WNR1000v3 and ssh

I have just replaced a computer running NAT software with a N150:

Hardware Version WNR1000v3
Firmware Version V1.0.2.28_52.0.60
GUI Language Version V1.0.2.28_2.1.10.1

It seems to work fine save for one issue. Whenever I leave an ssh session idle for some time (30 minutes or so), I am unable to resume my work and after a while, the connection breaks. Is there anything i can do so that my connections wont break? I am very certain that this behaviour is caused by the router as i never came across it when i used my old setup. Both ssh sessions from wired and wireless connected computers are affected. The machines that i ssh into are out of my control so any sollutions involving reconfiguring them wont work.
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Re: N150 WNR1000v3 and ssh


Seriously. This must be possible to solve somehow. It is indeed very annoying to come back to, say, an editing session only to realize that the connection is broken and the file has to be recovered.
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