Re: N300 - Can I plug a router into the N300


N300 - Can I plug a router into the N300

I cannot get good signal in most rooms of my house. It drops from 85mbps when I am hard wired.. down to 6 mbps when wireless. Can I buy a separate wireless router and plug it into the N300?  What else can I do to improve the signal strength?  If I am 5 feet away from the modem, wireless works fine.

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Re: N300 - Can I plug a router into the N300

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This is probably due to interference. You may need to relocate the router to a place where there's less interference.

Stay away from cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, brick/thick walls, etc. Try to place the router in a higher place to get good signal.

You may also want to refer to this article for more info.

There are several ways on how to extend the signal, better way to do that is to use range extenders or through the use of powerlines.

Check the links below for more information.


Range Extenders


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