N450 USB Storage will not show up

I have a brand new N450 Cable Modem/Router. The device supposedly will let me access a plugged in USB drive across the network by using "\\" connection. I have used every USB I own (and that is about 15), and having plugged them into the box, I can't connect by any PC on my network (two Win7's and five XPs.) If I go in through the ADMIN account and talk to the router, the "Click Here To Safely Remove Your USB" selection is not even on...I suspect the router just isn't recognizing the USB's existence. I bought the cable modem at a Best Buy to replace my old Time Warner cable modem, so unless TWC is updating my Netgear cable modem and turning off the USB port, I am at a loss. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Re: N450 USB Storage will not show up

Can you check if you can see network folders under USB storage in NETGEAR UI? Have you tried using a different USB drive?
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