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N600-WNDR3400 Router Speed Issue

I just changed from a DSL to a fiber optic 150/150 provider.   My WIFI speeds only peak around 50/50.  Is my problem the router or the router setup ?

Model: WNDR3300v1|RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router
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Re: N600-WNDR3400 Router Speed Issue

Your internet speed hsa gone pass what even the wired lan ports can handle at their 100mb limit, your wifi speed about normal for the limits of this router. I would get a new AC standard router if the wndr 3400 covered your home with wifi then a basic to mid class router should work. I would say a R7000 would be a good place to start but with the community board loaded with issues about many of the netgear routers, I would buy to fit your needs and save money if you can remember that your old devices will limit the wifi performance you get by their limits of the past.

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