N600 WNDR3400 help with QoS

I have an Xbox One and an Asus M32 series pc that I use for wireless gaming. My connection works great when im playing either one alone, but can only handle 1 other person using a wireless device before it starts to lag. I have 4 siblings that have wireless devices, which greatly hurts my connection, so lagfree online gaming is impossible. All I want to know is how to give priority to both my xbox one and Asus pc, whenever I use either one, so that I will be getting most all of the connection for lag free online gaming. Qos, I heard, is the way to go but I have no idea of how to set it up. I can turn on the WMM but im not sure if it will prioritize both my devices, or it will prioritize my siblings devices (they watch a lot of nexflix and YouTube by the way). Help is greatly appreciated. 

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Re: N600 WNDR3400 help with QoS

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Enable WMM and see if this helps you out. QoS can prioritized Internet access in 4 different types (Applications, Online Games, Ethernet LAN Ports and MAC Address). You may want to select Online Gaming option and get the ports that your game is using then apply it on the router. See page 46.


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