I have a N600-WNDR3400v2. The internert is running slow and I checked the green lights and they are off. What is the problem?  Can you run a dignostic test and let me know if it is working? Can you send me an information howt to troubleshoot?


Model: WNDR3400v2|N600 Wireless Dual Band Router
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Re: N600-WNDR3400v2

That wasn't a very good description of the problem. Its like saying "I have a GM truck and it drives slow. There's lights on the dash. Whats wrong?" We need more info and specifics. We're not at your home and can't see whats going on

1. What modem are you using?

2. What speeds are you paying for? 

3. What speeds do you get directly connected to the modem? (pointless to troubleshoot a router if the modem is the culprit)

4. Firmware on your router? 

5. slow means different things for different people. Is it your wireless thats not working properly? What speed is it going and what band are you testing with? What device are you using? 

6. be specific with your lights. What are each led on the front doing. type:color/blinking/solid


You can speedtest at   I usually don't recommend it with people who have gigabit connections but the wndr3400v2 isn't rated to gigabit. Only to fast ethernet speeds (10/100mbps)


Basically we need more info and specifics to help. 

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