N600 as wireless access point?


N600 as wireless access point?

I know its lame question, but i am not so techy so please be patient with me.

Here is my issue: We have Belkin (dual band) router that is attached to the modem. I am quite far from it.
I have also WNDR3400 which is also dual band. Unfortunately wired connection between the two routers is impossible. My wireless uses currently 2.4 spectrum (and its not great using 2.4ghz USB dongle on my desktop)

Question is can I somehow tell my Netgear router to receive wireless signal from the Belkin router, so I can wire my Desktop to the Netgear. (And may be other devices) And all this without buying any other hardware 🙂

Do I need some special firmware (or other software)? I see that dd-wrt is still WIP for this router, is there outthere something else that you can recommend that will help my issue
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Re: N600 as wireless access point?

probably suggest wn2000rpt .. it will be extender setup and you do not have to repeat and loose performance and encryption down to WEP
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Re: N600 as wireless access point?

yes, i read about that, but my goal is not to buy any additional hardware... If it comes down to spend more cash I'd go completely different route ...

Interesting thing is, i can see Belkin has an option to be converted to AP. BUt such an option lacks in Netgear. Closest I found in current firmware is the wireless repeating option, but it requires another Netgear router of the same kind as a base... Which comes back to spending more cash, which i don't have,
2. I don't want to spend for something like this
3.rd 100ft Cat6 will do the job just fine and wont cost me anything besides it will look ugly and will require some effort to pull it across.

thanks for the reply though
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