NAS and PC connection slow (wireless)


NAS and PC connection slow (wireless)

I have a Synology NAS (connected to router) and it works super fast when my PC connect to the router with cable (180MB/s), however works terrible over wireless connection (2MB/s).

The speed between Macbook and NAS wireless is also terrible, about 10MB/s (over 5Ghz channel).

Can somebody tell me how to fix it? Thanks.
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Re: NAS and PC connection slow (wireless)

Getting 10 MB/s wirelessly is a really good deal. Should correspond to ~80-100 Mbit/s.

I think you will need to consider getting an AC router to achieve higher wireless speeds, but you could make sure your current router is set to perform at its optimal speed first. The WNDR4300 has a 450 Mbit/s 5 GHz radio, so if you go to (username is admin, password is password) and Advanced -> Setup -> Wireless Setup, check to make sure that under the 5 GHz network, Mode is set to Up to 450 mbps. The maximum 2.4 GHz Mode is 300 mbps.

Other than that, not much to try. Make sure you upgrade the firmware and try different wireless channels in the settings to see if you get any improvements.
8/1 Mbit/s ADSL

Router: D-Link DIR-615

Wired AP: Netgear WNR1000v2
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