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Need Home Wifi Recommendation

I use AT&T Uverse her at my house, I noticed using my laptop, which is connected to to the wifi, during a ZOOM or MS Teams call that I'm experiencing video/audio disruption. One of my work colleagues said I need to replace the AT&T router w/ a NetGear Router and install some signal boosters as well. I'm trying to figure out what equipment I should get? My house is roughly 1,800 square feet. I look forward to some feed back.

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Re: Need Home Wifi Recommendation

FYI - I did a spead test, my Download speed is 365.70 Mbps and Upload is 351.33 Mbps.

One of my work colleagues recommended I purchase the Orbi WiFi System (RBK13) AC1200, he sadi that'll fix my issue. 

I'm looking for some assurance that this is the fix?




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