Need some help - Finding stored MAC addresses

Hello Community,

I recently had my house broken into and several electronic devices were stolen. Among these devices was my Playstation 4, which I recently saw has been logged in to from another location. I called Sony to see if they can track it's location so I can relay the info to the police, but Sony can't do anything without my devices Mac address.

I logged into the Router Login online config hoping to find it, but the "Attached Devices" section only shows devices that are currently connected.

Can someone perhaps lend me some assistance on how I can find a log of all the Mac addresses that have been connected to the router in the past?

~A Desperate Stolen Device Seeker
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Re: Need some help - Finding stored MAC addresses

Hello Combs05,

Try this

Log into your router
Advanced > Administration > Logs
Hopefully this will helps

you will need to know what IP address your PS was using.

Let me know if this helps
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Re: Need some help - Finding stored MAC addresses

if you ever entered the MAC address the browser cache my still have it. If you ever backed up the config with it attached that file may have it too. if you setup port forwarding that may have it too. Check on the BOX if you still have it
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