NetGear R6300v2 (DOUBLE NAT ISSUE)


NetGear R6300v2 (DOUBLE NAT ISSUE)

Hello, everyone. Here's my problem!

I just got Time Warner Cable for my isp and they gave me a router/modem combo device to handle internet. The model is currently an Arris TG1672G

Although, I have purchased a NetGear R6300 for my routing needs as it provides much faster speeds for my gaming hobbies.

The dilemma I am currently facing is that both the modem and netgear router are producing their own wifi signals(I do not use wifi) and I believe is nterfering with my gaming and causing packet loss and random lag spikes and it also causes my only device, the Xbox One console, to have a strict or moderate NAT type. I live by myself and all devices are connected by wires, so it confuses me on how I am having nat issues.

All interface options are all default on both routing devices. I have not tweaked any options and gave both a full reset.

Here are some confusions I've read from other posts:
Should I bridge the routing devices together? Should I turn DHCP off for the router/modem or the netgear once bridged? Should I give both the netgear and xbox a reserve IP on the router/modem device..or should I put them on my netgear router?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: NetGear R6300v2 (DOUBLE NAT ISSUE)

So much confusion.


Wi-Fi has nothing to do with NAT.  NAT is performed by routers.  In the consumer market, most routers have Wi-Fi so the two are often associated with each other but there's no relationship.  You can have NAT without Wi-Fi as you have discovered with your wired setup.  You are correct that you have double NAT by virtue of having two devices functioning as routers.   Double NAT is really bad for gaming.


So, this brings up a question.  If all of your devices are wired, then why did you buy the R6300?  The Arris has Gigabit Ethernet ports, so speeds should not be a problem.  It also supports UPnP and port forwarding, so you are covered wrt gaming.


If UPnP or port forwarding don't work properly on the Arris, then that would be a reason to use the R6300 as a router.  You would need to put the Arris into bridged mode.  From what I can tell, this is done by setting the NAT mode to Bridged under LAN Settings.  


But, as I said, it doesn't seem as if you really need the R6300.


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