Re: Netgear Genie and wndr3800


Netgear Genie and wndr3800

Recently bought a WNDR3800 and, in tandem a Draytek Vigor 120 modem, thus far all is good (upgraded FW to .32).
Question I would like to ask is, when a new device is detected as trying to connect to network, the (desktop version) of Genie flags up a message saying this is so and states that 'the new device can be enabled/disabled in the attached devices map'. Is anyone able to tell me how you achieve this for I can't for the life of me see how.
In short, I would like to know how - whether using the internal router version or the desktop 'easy access' version (or indeed the iOS app version,if applicable) how to quickly and temporarily, enable and disable any attached device to the network.

Many thanks for anyone able to shed light on this.
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Re: Netgear Genie and wndr3800

You can not enable or disable attach device on any devices that is connected on router
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Re: Netgear Genie and wndr3800

So why does the Genie flag up the message saying you can then.....?
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