Re: Netgear R6250 DHCP conflict with USB storage


Netgear R6250 DHCP conflict with USB storage



R6250 DHCP service won't start correctly with 32/64/128G USB3.0 flash storage connected. This will cause router won't be able to assign any IP through wireless LAN or LAN ports.


How to reproduce:

1. Before power on R6250, connect USB flash drive on R6250 USB port. In my case, I use SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive - SDCZ430-128G-G46. The R6250 firmware vesion in my test is The issue also happen on older version of R6250 firmware.

2. Power on R6250 and wait for WiFi light on.


3. Use iphone, ipad to connect R6250 through wifi connection or use computer to connect through LAN port.


4. Client devices will not be able to connect successfuly with route due to no IP address be assigned. If you set static IP on the client device, you will be able to connect to same router.


5. I have tried 32G/16G/8G, 32G USB I experienced few times DHCP problem, but with 8G, I didn't encounter the problem. Maybe I didn't try enough times. But with 128G USB, I have 100% chance to face this issue.



Notice: This issue looks only happen when you connect USB device to R6250 before power on it. If you powered on R6250 unit then connect USB storage, you will not see this issue.


Not sure the issue related on USB storage size or USB version. Don't have time to do free QA for netgear.


Hope netgear will be able to provide fix in future firmware update!




Model: R6250|Smart WiFi Router (AC1600)
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Re: Netgear R6250 DHCP conflict with USB storage

Hello Dummdumm,


Thank reporting this issue. We will have the details of your post forwarded to the team. We will get back to you once we have an update available. 




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