Netgear WiFi Extenders Affected by end of 2G service?


Netgear WiFi Extenders Affected by end of 2G service?

I have two Netgear WiFi Extenders, one of which is a EX 3700 Model.  I am wondering if these extenders will be afected by the nationwide 2G system being stopped at the end of February.  I have questions on both.   specifically if there will be affected by the turning-offf of 2G networks.


1) The EX 3700 was purchased and installed in 2020, and is capable of working on both  2G and 5G signal bands.  When I first installed it, I set it up on the 5G band, but was having low signal strength and problems in even getting it to work.  Netgear's tech support told me, at that time, that I should set up in 2G since the 5G network was for closer signals and the unit was in another room.  I am wondering if this will stop working in March, AND if I need to now try to set it up in 5G mode.


2) The other etgear WiFI extender is an older model, and I do not believe it is a 2G/5G unit.  Will I need to replace this with one that will work on a 5G network?

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Re: Netgear WiFi Extenders Affected by end of 2G service?

The nationwide is 2g cellular. 

Not wifi. 

Your devices will work fine. 

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