Network cable in ps3.


Network cable in ps3.

hello everyone i got a wdr4500.

i still have low internet on my ps3 while i got a cable in and i dont know why.. is there anyway you can fix this.

i got like 13 download. .mbit.
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Re: Network cable in ps3.

13 - 22mbit on a PS3 is about the max it can handle. You won't get more out of it. I'm having 2x PS3's myself, 1x 60GB fatso and 1x 320GB slim and both pull about 20mbit wired, even worse on wifi. Connected on my WNDR4500 now, but was using a WNDR3700v1 before and the same results.

Current consoles can't handle high internet speeds. For example, the Wii can only pull around 4 - 5mbit max, wired or wireless.

In other words, your PS3 is perfectly fine.
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