Network completely drops when printer wakes up


Network completely drops when printer wakes up

So, I've had this problem for a long time, since I got my WNDR3400 (v1, I think). I put up with it since it's not a huge deal, but it's finally bugging me enough and I want to see if I can find a fix.

My network works perfectly fine most of the time. I have both wired and wireless connections to the router. My Samsung CLX-3175 all-in-one printer is connected via wired connection to the router. The printer is "on" all the time, but I think it goes into sleep mode when not in use. When I go to print from one my PCs or Mac via the network, it finds the printer and intiates the print job. The printer "wakes" up and start to print. But as it does, then all PCs, Macs, devices lose internet connectivity. I can't even ping the router from my PCs via wireless. Once the print job is done, then the connections all start to work again. Until the next time I try to print.

I can reproduce this also by power cycling the printer. when the printer turns on to do its warmup, the same issue occurs. Once the warmup is complete, then everything works fine. Until I try to print of course.

I am using the latest firmware for the router: V1.0.0.50_20.0.59

I have set up the printer with a static IP, outside of the DHCP assigned range. I don't have an IP conflict that I can see, since I have it configured as such. Regardless, I've tried DHCP for the printer also, didn't matter, the same issue occurred.

I have tried fiddling with the DNS settings on the printer (and router) setting them to use OpenDNS or Google DNS servers.

I have Cox as my broadband provider.

I thought it might be related to these similar types of issues wit HP printers:

But I can't set the gateway to be on my printer (it won't let me, says its invalid) and I'm obviously out of the initial free support period and I don't want to spend $40 to call. (I'd just as soon buy another router).

So, any thoughts on what could be the issue? I'm intrigued by the supposed DNS fix the first link mentions. I wonder if this would be the same issue.

Thanks in advance for your reading and help!
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Re: Network completely drops when printer wakes up

I had an issues with samsung color laster in both wired and wireless until power on/off the printer.
I think it's more on printer side issues then router .
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